June 17, 2012

My Dream wedding

My dream wedding, i would like to have chocolate fountain with strawberry, marshmallow and so on. That my idea i make my background template ' tie a knot'. Suitable right? hahaa, . 

You all can order chocolate's fountain for any ceremony by click here. Cake must have, but cup cakes only. Just nice. I see, when the bride want to cut the cake, they eat while standing. In Islam, its better to sit down. Emm, addition for my dream wedding. Eat chocolate's fountain with sitting on chairs or bersila/bersimpuh. Cute cute. nice right?

I just planning for my big day, since we just planning and trust to Allah s.w.t planning. Rainy day in the morning in my place, syukur alhamdulilah. Who are will be my spouses , i don't know yet since, i secret untill the time has come...

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Halimatun Sa'adiah said...

insyaallah my dear..