June 15, 2012

Future planning..

Aisyah Fathiah, means Aisyah(penawar hati/healing the heart) , Fathiah(pembukaan/opening) this will be my daughter name in the future husband. I don't know yet who is will be my future daddy to my son and daughter but now plan to give name to them, insyaallah.

Previous is daughter name, now my son name is Hidayat Hamizan, means hidayat (petunjuk/guide), Hamizan(yang cerdik/clever, kuat/strong and tampan/handsome). This is just my imaginaton a.k.a dreaming in the night, suddenly it pop up in my minds. Straight foward,write this idea here.

Everyone, want get married at young age but not all of them prepare after the solemnization but put an effort prepare before wedding ceremony( that good but not to much). That all my idea, what i understand. For me, prepare after married for both spouses is better right? 

mood: final exam is arrived..on 28 n 29 June 2012. Already make a new post, Congratulation to myself.Welldone!

List of islamic name , click here..you all can just google.

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Misz Mieza said...

Nice future son & daugter's name..! ^_^