June 16, 2012

For myself..

When i have children or before i plan to have them..opss i am single but thinking untill this stage.

I am so jealous with this kid Darwish and his sister Darwisya since at very young age already memorize selected chapter in Al-Quran, subhanallah in my heart. I want to be like those kids. Here parent are support and teach them from they are born. All of you can follow her stories, by click here. Such a great stories.

I am trying to write Ija's life stories in english since my grammar are very very weak.

mood : study for Allah s.w.t and give Convocation scroll to mum and dad. Only 1 semester left. All the best, wish for myself.

2 new ideas...:

Misz Mieza said...

English is not that hard actually.. Practice makes perfect! Ganbatene! ^_~

ijA said...

Thanks again..try my best..