June 25, 2013

V001 - Veil a.k.a layah pengantin UNTUK DIJUAL

Veil still AVAILABLE!!

Design by me since i use the lace from Telekung (prayer cloth). 

My mum said that, so lovely and when she know i take this lace to make my own veil she suprised!!

Actually, i don't have enough money to buy border lace or another types of lace to make my veil.

I just custom-made myself.

I love my own work a.k.a DIY.

Syukran Alhamdulilah


Lace at the top of my head.

The end of my veil i use ribbon flower from satin ribbon. 

This veil colour are off white.

Anyone interested to buy or rent, i suggest just buy this veil. 

The rental price are higher than selling price of this veil,

comment on post below or email (atiqah1512@yahoo.com).

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