April 25, 2013

Tutorial chiffon flower a.k.a poddle flower from chiffon fabric

Prepare all those thing in the picture below...

also instrument for sew, needle, sniper, thread

and chiffon fabric(size depend on you flower, 2 1/2inch x 5 inch)

For chiffon fabric, before this i've already make my own veil birde to be for solemnization, reception and engagement

Balance chiffon fabric from my veil are so little, so i don't want to waste the chiffon fabric and  make a 3D flower. 

The size of the flower depend on your cutting of chiffon fabric.

Fold by two side of chiffon fabric

Start sew our chiffon cloth..


Next, it will be like this..


Tight it from the first step, we sew the chiffon fabric. The back view of my 3D flower

The front view of 3D flower

Finish!!!! with glass pearl 6mm

I just use candle for the finishing at the bottom of poddle flower(material chiffon)

Happy trying.., want more clear explanation? click link below for your inspiration...

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