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Assalamualaikum wbrt....alhamdulilah, syukran ya allah

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< Now, Studying in local university and final year student >

-Trying the best for my life-

Everyday is my birthday..


wanna be a good wife, daughter, daughter in law

always trying positive but sometimes negative

dream of solemnization with convocation dress ( not silly idea, since its my idea..so creative)

ambition to enter Jannah *amin..insyallah, we try our best

A woman is identical to a precious diamond,

if you see its beauty,

- you'll take advantage of it
- you'll show it off
- you'll use and sell it
- and in the end, you'll look at it as everything else in life
sisters, you're the diamonds of your spouses as they are diamonds to you.
I refuse to risk my place in Jannah(Heaven) for the petty things of this world. May Allah give us strength to overcome our struggles.
You have no cont rol over what happens in the past nor the future. Always be grateful to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and be mindful that every second is a blessing from Him.
like so much solemnization , who are going to be my future spouse..insyaallah.pray n tawakal to Allah s.w.t .


This blog was created for writting up anything, url for this blog are inspire from ume and along. 

Ume is my mum, and along is me, since ume always cook, baked cake. 

I want to share to all of you variety of food that me and my mum cook.

 I just love wedding( cha,2012) but most importantly dessert since its so easy,

all the stuff i have in my kitchen.